Something to See

So I heard that we’re getting a little closer to flying cars.
Flying taxi cars actually.
I immediately thought of The Fifth Element
—of all the references that could’ve popped into my head.

Still it’s pretty far off, but
they’re actually in development and not only that,
they’re being test flown.
What’s amazing to me is to see the fantasy of
sci-fi comics and novels from the fifties/sixties and
eighties/nineties become the reality of today.

It’s like the lengths we’ll go to live our
childhood fantasies, at least, in one way or another.
Or like what narrow imaginations scientists really have.
But, so this got me thinking: if our technology
is driven by fantasies of the past
why don’t we start writing about a future that is driven by compassion, instead of business.
A future where the latest technology was no technology at all—
instead we realized the full capacity of our minds
with hard work, concentration, and self-control.

I know, I know crazy right.
Maybe the future is one where we figure out how to stop talking about the interconnectedness of all things
and we start living the interconnectedness of all things;
we could start by wiping out the disparity between rich and poor.

But maybe if this is the makeup of our stories
our ideals of the future,
then someday a scientist will wake up and realize he/she isn’t needed at all, because we’re all scientists making our own discoveries
every day, every moment. Now that would be something to see.

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