Published Work

Published Work:

In Print Issues:

Funicular Magazine Issue 09

Olney Magazine

At the Aluminum Mill During a 6 Hour Shutdown

Online w/ link:

Rejection Letters

What’s the Point?

Feral Poetry Journal

Under the David’s Sunflower Seed Processing Line

Lothlorien Poetry Journal

5 poems

ELJ’s scissors & spackle

A Feast / Role-Playing

Inklette Magazine

The First (Reprise)

Zero Readers

Habitual / In the Lens

Tiny Wren Lit

Winter Storm Warning

Not Deer Magazine

Kali (Addiction) / The Turning / The Elbow

The Good Life Review

From the Stem

The Closed Eye Open / Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Issue

Born Native Living Invasive

Wild Roof Journal


Boats Against the Current Magazine

Self Portrait as the Trembling Giant


Five South Lit


After my manager asks, if the job isn’t done then why are you heading home?

Bullshit Lit Anthology

Where’s Dad? / Sober, Again

Sidereal Magazine

Cosmography of the Microcosm / Pig Ears & Shadows


A Child Walks in the Dark

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