In: seeds producing manifest activity

Be willing
Own your folly
Know that you are change
Abide within intention
Don’t worry so much
They’re just as confused
Be yourself:
Slow down

Out: manifest activity perfumes seeds

Be patient,
Learn to listen deeply
Abide in silence

In: seeds producing manifest activity

Watch yourself like a book
Eat healthy
Yourself and others
Let go

Out: manifest activity perfumes seeds

Be helpful
Know that everyone is the center of the universe.

Where does this energy come from?
to generate so many sensations; phenomena.
Maybe it’s not about finding where it
comes from, but accepting that it’s there…
Just be nice,
Be organic,
Don’t color interactions with desired outcomes.
Know when to shut up
And know when to speak boldly.
Know that underneath the tension
There is always love;
Beneath noise
there is always silence.
Know your limitations
and your strengths.
Recognize that we feed off energy;
you are energy.
You are the moment.
Own up to the truth of the moment.
It’s hard to do.
Choose to take pride in doing things for other people,
you can start with your family.

you don’t always have to be
the authority in the situation.
Know how you’re being used by commercialism.

Be awareness.
Learn how to shed light on
your self-centeredness.
Don’t take yourself so seriously.
Understand how
all forms of mediums bring out selfishness.
Know that
when you know one thing deeply,
you can know all things.
Be the effort it takes for real change.
Be open to all interpretations.

Let the thousand-petaled lotus open;
Accept yourself.

-Love, dad.

2 responses to “Being”

  1. (Breathe
    Watch yourself like a book
    Eat healthy
    Yourself and others
    Let go)
    I have been working on this list (get out of my head), just slowing down..being present. I would love to see work like this created for others to get a hold of. We all need to read it, for confirmation and encouragement.

    1. 😁 Thank you so much for your kind words. I think it takes a brave person to work on that list and just daring to take it on is proof that you can do it.

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