From the Cutting Room Floor

I’ve decided to enter some haiku,senryu, and haibun in an annual contest at the haiku society of america, or HSA. Here are some that didn’t make the cut.


early June pond, 
not quite as heated
as a month ago

Sun breaks
Cottonwood snow

Wind rippling leaves;


Morning little league 
Barn swallows
Steal second

took me 'til 
thirty-six to have a steady flow
of clean socks

I used to think 
This was cleaning...
I'm just hiding things. 

A  whole Summer passes
On Sunday evening


There’s an old Asian lady living out of her car, she parks on my street. Every time I pass her she’s not moving, but she is in the middle of doing something; getting something from a bag, making her bed, staring. I’m pretty convinced that she is a buddha, lost in such deep states of conservation that she’s actively preserving energy by moving so slowly, like a slug.

walking the dog
under half moon sky—
tracing chemtrails

4 responses to “From the Cutting Room Floor”

  1. such talent!
    wishing you success.
    i’m looking outside
    for chemtrails
    now 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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