Asking the Hemlock

Hemlock towering
Spire in the clouds
while you stand
Babbling questions
Nosed turned up
Ears wide open
She answers back
by way of birdsong

2 responses to “Asking the Hemlock”

  1. hey
    did you click that pic
    because its totally awesome
    and when you see it in its original size on the site it boggles my mind
    i read the blogs tagline
    “An Attempt to Free an American Soul from Materialism”
    it totally reminded of my poem the “Materialism”
    hope that you like it
    i like your site, hope to see more of that content

    1. Thank you! Yes I took it out on a hike 😁 I will be checking out your site and will be looking for that poem! Thank you so much for your kind compliment its very much appreciated.

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