Participation in the Act of Observation

When I think about the traits that I am passing on to my kids, it’s all too easy to criticize myself and lean towards the negative. In truth there are a lot of negative traits that I inhabit, though some might say that these are also what makes it possible for me to flourish in other ways. When planning a camping trip I think back on the past camping and hiking trips and how we used to take my son when he was too little to know any better, and now I see the excitement and wonder in his eyes when we hit the trail, even on days when we have to drag his ass out the door. I watch my daughter lean in toward the same instinctive voice of mother nature, and I know that she’ll always have that with her. And we helped to create that, to shape it.

Within nature there is the participation in the act of observation. And isn’t that just what life is; participating in the act of observing, always, even when we aren’t aware of it, we’re always observing.

One response to “Participation in the Act of Observation”

  1. sweet!
    and at the same time
    being observed 🙂

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