The End.

Well, here we are. It has been nearly ten months since my latest post, and that is because in that time my family and I were packing up our house, selling it and moving across country. It’s been about eight months since we’ve moved to our new hometown in Illinois. It was very hard for us to leave the great Pacific Northwest. As much as we loved it, we had to leave to find a different sort of treasure; to start a different sort of dream.

In silence,
a passage.

While I know this post, being so delayed, won’t get many eyes, maybe those that do see it are the ones I’m really talking to, and have been talking to for the past couple of years, anyway. It’s time to put this project to bed. I started it because I needed a platform for my voice, a space for my heart, and my thoughts. At times I’ve found myself drowning, a voice in a sea of voices. At other times, I’ve felt lifted up, and walked with. I’ve met a few interesting people and shared fascinating ideas. What I’ve found was not so much a platform, but a Community. And I really think that is the word we should look to in times of doubt. That is in large part what got me up at six this morning; realizing that I have not said thank you, then thinking about how long I’ve put off writing this. Maybe because I knew that I had yet to tuck it in, maybe turn on the night light, give it a kiss on the forehead and say goodnight.

One man driving the oxen
yoked to the town facade
a string of villagers follow
to a new location.

Our new homestead in the city.

Thank you. Goodnight.

2 responses to “The End.”

  1. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you here on WordPress. I’ve especially enjoyed your poetry. You are very talented. Best wishes for all of your future endeavors and congratulations on the move!

    1. Thank you so much. And likewise it has been a joy getting to know you through your work. Let me just say, this post is, in my usual way, a little dramatic, of course I’ll still be around reading. I just don’t plan to use Consumed in the same way, for the same reasons. As always, thank you so much for your kind words.

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