It Could Be Raining/The Myth of the Moderns

It could be
raining, but it’s

not — we both know
this, the squirrel

and I, it’s just the
wind playing the trees.

The ancients of modernity
those genius’ of invention —

they could turn on the
tap with the sound of their voice.

They also believed that
corporations were people

A couple of poems from this morning. Isn’t it funny how we revere the ancients for their closeness with mother nature, and in the next breath snicker at their outlandish belief system. I heard the story of the Andean peoples and the myth of the condor raising the sun. They told of how closely in-tune the people were with the sun and the changes of each passing day. They told a little of the myth of the condor and how apparently it was even believed that if one ate the dried heart of a real-life condor one might gain the birds power. This made me wonder at the stories they’ll tell of us three thousand years from now!

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