The Only Good Art…

The only good drawings he’s managed to come up with over the passed few years, are the one’s in which he started with nothing. No plan. No concept, no idea of where he would go with it. Start with a few lines. Experiment with technique and try his damnedest to fight those inner demons, which, bubbling, always keep him on the precipice; the knife-edge of sanity. A shape materializes and, if he’s lucky, he’s off into the void. The void where ideas bubble up and he sees it.

It’s here that conceptualization actually works. If you try to start from a concept, you’re doomed to failure (no matter the outcome), you’ll never accept the outcome.

—Ah, so this is freedom!

(And here is where you realize that in order for there to be freedom, it all depends on the situation; the here and now; the original intention, and application, of the design in the first place. )

7 responses to “The Only Good Art…”

  1. Very true. So much of the magic of creativity lies in spontaneity.

    1. Yes! Sometimes the real creativity is creating the environment for creativity to spark spontaneously.

  2. Creating a poem of more than a few lines is very similar, in my experience. It is very rare when a piece arises in my mind fully formed.

    1. I agree. Often I find myself layering my words with filters of what I want to say, instead of just cutting to the heart of the matter, and letting the images speak to the individual reader.

      1. I have found trying to get a notion across in a constraining format like haiku, senryu, tanka, four by six, shadorma etc a helpful discipline.

      2. I couldn’t agree more. I am known around the house as being a little long winded, which usually confuses what point I’m trying to get across. But I have found since writing short forms I have to ask myself what am I trying to say? And usually at this point I’m able to get down to the point. It’s helped in my writing but also my relationships.

      3. I always love an activity with a double reward inbuilt.

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