Death and Birth

In the moonless twilight
Thunder hammers the horizon
A sycamore drones through the sky
Shadows that fell from trees
Swallowed by blackened sidewalks

Piss stains carve trails
Through alleyways
Marijuana permeates
Cinder block jungles

There’s a pounding in your chest
A whirring in your mind

The vision comes to you
Like the snake eating its tail:

Markets consume consumers consume markets

Fear rests in the mind
Created by the economy of the elite
Trickles down into your heart
Flowing now
It flows through your veins
Your aflame
Burning with Their fire.

In the fields
Immigrants sing their
Immigrant Songs of labour
Reverberating off mountains
In the surrounding valleys
And We mistake them for
War Cries

(and i cry
with the fury of a thousand souls)

Legends were made
from the mortals who
acted in accordance
with the virtues of
This Land is My Land

Filling the valleys with
The vanities of man
All we can do is stand back
And sigh and watch the sun set
O’er the fallow fields and barren hillsides
And watch the dawn and
Sing softly into our own ears,
This land, was my land.

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