In the Forest

Going into the forest
When you face massive things
You know how hard things
Can also be soft
When you go into the forest
And you come face to face
With such tiny things
You know how the ground
Can leap up at you
You know how puddles
Contain universes
And you see trees
Growing in cracks
You learn how to love
and appreciate without
Owning a damn thing.

4 responses to “In the Forest”

  1. You know, in Japan, doctors ofter prescribe forest therapy to people with high levels of stress. Nature is healing, and your poem is really beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! We definitely believe the same and try to get our fill of nature as often as we can!

  2. such wonderful ownership
    of compassion for nature
    while being willfully owned
    by trees and other wildness 🙂

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