Selfless: Weeds

A weed is pervasive, in its environment it annihilates any competition so as to eliminate variety. In the mind weeds manifest in the form of selfishness. Thoughts, actions, words, from the standpoint of the self, the individual, destroy the variety that comes from selfless thought, words and deeds.

6 responses to “Selfless: Weeds”

  1. Survival or the fittest.

    1. Or survival of the selfish?

      1. Meh, maybe that’s the same thing?
        It’s one of those days

      2. True, it is, though maybe it depends on what the fittest are trying to fit into? Personally it’s tougher to include the whole, to give up self interests for the sake of others, than it is to power over them with sheer will. Then from that perspective the fittest are those that give up selfishness for variety!

  2. dandelion said that
    humans are weeds!
    sounded wise
    when she said it 🙂

    1. 😁 my daughter loves pulling them and blowing them, shes probably renowned as the giant dandy killer!

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