Break it Apart

oh why
Do I
Have this
poet’s heart.
oh why
Can’t I break it apart.

For so long I’ve tried
I don’t even know why
For so long
I’ve cried
from this

Oh why

oh why

The artist’s dream
buried deep
inside of me
and no
matter how I try
to crush everything
it still remains oh

I don’t even know why
oh why

This poet’s heart
This broken heart
in this
eternal dance

5 responses to “Break it Apart”

  1. Pretty poem.
    And I found a new home šŸ˜¬

    1. Thank you so much, glad you found me!

      1. I am slowly taking time to find my friends šŸ¤—

  2. Such a bittersweet truth. Beautiful poem. Loved how it flowed. šŸ™‚

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