In This Round

To be read in the voice of Escanor

Stuck in this round, I shall nail this final nail in my father’s coffin, and bury him. Then I will finish what he could not.

For those curious Escanor (with a different link) is a character in the anime 7 deadly sins. My son has been watching this and so I have invariably heard and seen some of this show. I asked my son to tell me an anime character who has the deepest voice and he gave me Escanor.

As I believe in myth, I found it interesting to know that this character is symbolic of the nature of this short myth. The lion (which also is my astrological sign) is his sign as he is prideful, he was disowned by his parents and (like me) he wages a war within himself for power via (self) control. As I believe in myth, I also believe in the power of the symbolic and the coincidence that these symbols pop up in our life are no such coincidence at all, rather a journey.

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