These lines
In the sand
Drawing these lines
In my head

We’ll always follow script
Living inside
Up on the stage
We love it this way
American Made

And all the CEO’s sing:
Feed the wolf 
Feed the wolf
in you

Creating battlefields
We see what we want
Always up on the stage
American Made
I love it this way

And all the Evangelists sing:
Kill the wolf
Kill the wolf in you

Drawing these lines 
These lines
Drawing these lines
These lines

I’ll take what I get
Take what I get 
from you

All these lines
Alone yet secure
There’s me, up on the stage
There’s you, American Made
We love it this way

And all the Politicians sing:
The wolf’s out to get
The wolf’s out to
get you

These lines fill my head
Might as well be dead

Whose script
are we following anyway

8 responses to “Lines”

  1. This would make a fantastic song!

      1. After I typed my comment I thought to myself – oh, I hope that isn’t taken as an insult. It’s beautiful

      2. 😊 No way! In fact one of the tags I used was song writing, as I wrote it I had a sort of rhythm and tune in my head so it was quite the compliment! I’m really glad it came through in the piece. After all poetry is spoken music! Thank you again

  2. many dozens with so
    much power & wealth
    have used their greed
    hatred & delusion
    to divide & rule
    at least we can
    be free, inside 🙂

    1. I’m thinking we need more expressions of peace and love in the main stream. It seems even the gatherings meant for this turn into hate and division for the other side…

      Perhaps searching for this freedom inside, individually is exactly what we need 😉

      1. i’m with you, my friend!
        the most precious thing we can offer
        each other is our presence 🙂

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