By the Moonlit Pond

The frogs are enticing you tonight as you step out the front door
You can hear them from a quarter mile away. Usually they sing you to sleep,
But tonight they are cooing and purring, drawing you in to their wonderland.
Standing in the soft yellow phosphorescent street lights of the parking lot 
You realize that if you cross the threshold there may be no coming back.
The chain linked barrier between man and nature hidden in the shadows behind the Twin Cedars
The pond, though in the middle of the parking lot, is veiled to keep the threat of 
Nature, the threat of life without convenience, hidden from our psyche.  
Creeping between the cedars with feet just too heavy, they become wary.
In the silence you realize what it would look like to walk by someone like you. 
Knelt over and slumped, worshipping, or perhaps taking a shit, hiding from humanity
But before your self conscious completely takes over They give the all clear. 
rrrr ib.   rrr  ib.  ib. ibit-ribit. ribit. ribitribitribitribitribit. 
It’s a welcoming party. A celebration.  They brought you here. 
Soon the noise is deafening and your thoughts, preconceptions, notions are all drowned
In the leafy, moonlit pond. 
From a distance Their chorus sparkles like crickets, with rhythm,
But up close you can hear individual riffing and singing and sometimes screaming
Live-it. Live-it. Live-it. 
Wawa. Wa. Wawa. Wa. 
Which roughly translates to live your insights,
Trust yourself and 
Align your actions with your realizations.
Like a schoolboy, you smile
and no one is around to see it.

for enquiring minds

(For optimal affect read in a teenager’s voice)

4 responses to “By the Moonlit Pond”

  1. nature’s music to the ears!
    excepting, for some
    small insects 🙂

  2. I love how you described this scene with such detail!

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