Of Nature and Inspiration

Have you ever had this happen before?

Inspiration strikes:

An author brings words to life, everything flows, there’s an intuitive nature to it; harmony. It’s poetry fused with knowledge and drama.

More beautiful than anything you’ve ever writ, but still makes you wanna try, because it’s not stuck up writing.

It fills you, though, with a longing, an empty knowing that you could never reach that benchmark, or worse you may just end up producing a subpar imitation.

Still you know you’ll try, and you know that instead of finding fulfillment in your words, it will only ever increase that longing to try.

Today you realize that instead of trying to put it all down on paper, in the immediacy of the moment, what you really need, what will say how you feel without saying anything at all, is to simply go for a walk outside.

Under the canopies, amongst the birds and the wind, the shaking of leaves, trickling creeks, and distant traffic swells. Leave it all behind. Because in the hugeness of outside is where inspiration, real, unique inspiration strikes. Outside is where everything is said, without saying anything at all.

By the way, the book? The author? The Overstory by Richard Powers.

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