Consuming (A Poem)

Making conscious decisions to break habit enrgeeze. I’m on my knees beggin please

football players are taught to chirp, like birds. The good ones always do.

I’m pretty sure I’m turning into Dionysus.

Turning into, or making myself into?

I always keep an afrodezziack ack ack, or two around.

When I’m around you can feel the sound.

I am the aphrodisiac, maybe it’s the garland of seasonal foliage.

I wanna get you in that goddess pose

Wrap your legs around and pull me close.

I love to give.

And give, and give.

You know, I can’t help but feel the pull

Of collectible materials,

Consumed by the fire.

If John Muir couldn’t save the collective American soul, than who am I to even try.

With tired eyes, burnt out on the world. We could move out tonight.

I am the resurrection of Pan, take my hand

I’ll lead you through the grove, to the stands of redwood cedar and beginnings of man.

Lay you on your back, give you a heart attack ack ack ack.

In this hollow light, we’ll tune out and give in.

Again, and again.

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