Staring Back at You

Well you see the stars
In the night sky
They're all staring back at you

hoo-ooh hoo

You see you don't have to
Try, no there's nothing left to do

Do ooh- hoo ooh ooh hoo

Just so you know
All the weight will melt right off of your back.
You've just fallen into a trap
No you don't have to shoulder the 

sky-aye aye.

The weight is all in your own mind
There's nothing left to do.
Don't turn your back now

Well You see the moon
In the night sky
She's looking right down at you

At you hoo ooh ooh hoo-ooh

And if you can resist falling back into the trap,
the weight will fall right off your back
And your light will shine

like the sun in the clear blue

sky-aye aye.

And maybe in the half light you'll open up the door,
Our love will have the key
Our love will have the key.

This was inspired by my wife and written with the tune Atlas by Fanfarlo in mind.

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