About 2.0

“What is this thing… And how did it get here!”

I guess this is a change in format, or maybe its an acknowledgment of what it always was…

I want this blog to be my artist’s notepad/journal. A place to collect my work. Honestly down the road I hope to offer artwork for sale. It has always been my mindset, being an artist, though never my reality. Which has definitely caused a lot of confusion and frustration, however it’s only a reality because I’ve made it so, right?

I write, draw, and paint so I would like to take these elements and integrate them into pieces that are tangible; t-shirts, poetry chapbooks, short stories, original artwork… Etc, etc. Nothing new, not inventing anything, just an honest offering of what I love doing.

I’m always going to be working on projects regardless and the internet is a big enough place, so why not add one more person’s story.

For now thank you to the readers, likers, and followers. I really only hope to add some enjoyment to the day.

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