The focus of this blog should be to open a discussion about life and all the things in it. What are we really living for? We ask ourselves this and often we find cosmic thoughts drifting through our mind’s eye -trying to nail a face to our ‘God'(whatever/whoever that may be). All the while missing just what the answer -which is right under our collective nose- really is; we live for Profit.

There is a correlation between our economy and our perception of reality, a pretty big one as it turns out. We (the contributors) will work to expose these correlations in an effort to determine whether they (be it an industry or branch thereof, being the They) have a positive or negative effect on our lives. Companies are, and should be, responsible for their actions. They (corporations, government agencies) have such a huge impact on not just our daily lives but on our world, on our future generations that the responsibility is great and the accountability should be even greater.

The topics will vary as there are a myriad of ways that we can interact with the industry and which we can perceive those interactions in the business of life. 

We should be creative with the way we approach our writing and our articles. I certainly don’t have the resources to conduct hard-hitting interviews, or undercover journalism. I do however believe that we can gather information responsibly enough to form informed opinions/hypotheses in which to present in a creative way.

This bog should provide an open platform for others to contribute, if so desired.

We should care enough to perform as thorough an investigation as possible. This isn’t off the cuff, shoot from the hip writing. We should strive to be as journalistic as possible: making the correct citations and MLA formatting as accurate as possible. We live in a pretty fast paced time when things go unchecked from time to time in order to get an article (or otherwise) out to produce views and to prevent the topic from becoming outdated. That’s not really cool.

If this sounds like a challenge, a call to action, maybe it is. Maybe you’re looking for a different outlet, a different platform to present your ideas. If this is the case let’s work together to bring about discussion to cause an affect.







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